Fran Toney Young is a native of Oklahoma who has studied piano for ten years with June Tracey Cain of Tulsa.  She has also studied for seven years at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Music Education Degree with emphasis in organ and voice.  Her additional certification includes Elementary Education.  She has taught all styles of piano music since 1970 in Stillwater, Oklahoma City, and Edmond, Oklahoma.

She has been involved in all phases of church music since the age of 11, including serving as church pianist, church organist, choir and orchestra member, children’s choir director, worship leader from the piano and synthesizer, and has played and led worship for many women’s groups and retreats.

She began composing Christian music at the age of 16, and started composing and publishing educational piano solos in early 2008, using photos and works of art as inspiration.   She wrote and published Improvisation on Christian Music, a 292 page textbook/songbook, in 2006.  She delights in watching many of her students become proficient in church music and composition as they study this method for improvisation.  Many of her educational solos are written with the “ear student” in mind, containing many patterns for easy learning.  Fran has been married to Vernon Young since 1969.  Together they have two children and four grandchildren.

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